The very first glimpse of the exquisite Bride.    A magical first dance.   A heartfelt speech from the Best Man.   These are but a few of the moments that define your perfect wedding.  

But before the dancing, before the lavish buffet, before the excitement of the walk down the aisle - there is the planning.    Your vision, your day, your decisions.   

We will be your guide, your confident, your voice of wisdom as the planning phase of your wedding unfolds.     We offer three levels of event planning packages which allows each bride the opportunity to work within the outlines of their budget.


Every body loves a party...and parties are what we do best!

From the meaningful traditions of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs to the joyous celebration of a soon-to-be-born baby to the slow delicious waltz at a Golden Anniversary party.  Masquerade Events  brings together all the elements that will make your event perfection. 

Every party, no matter how small or large the occasion, deserves to be fabulous.    We specialize in just your type of fabulous!